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Because that's how I see the universe.

Resource Post

For my blends, icons, and general graphics I have used textures, brushes, etc. from the following places.

Websites Resources:

Some textures also found at: Painted-Passion
Background Patters: The Designers' Lunchbox or at Squidfingers
Blogging icons: 2pt3

LJ Resources:
check out the resources gide by teh_indy...HERE

Also check out: crumblingwalls for brushes, gradients, an screencaps

Icon light/grunge textures:
pessimistchick: HERE
spaceyme: HERE
delishicons: HERE
ghost_sheep; HERE
iamalreadyinuse; HERE
loveicon; HERE
_iconographer; HERE
dusty_memories; HERE

Icon brushes:
tehsexicons found HERE
dearest HERE
iroka HERE
dj43 HERE
district_ink HERE
even_art; HERE
trash_graphics; HERE
ch_photoshopped; HERE
tragic_icons; HERE
daughterofsnape; HERE
ingenu0us; HERE
ohpaintbrush; HERE
chouchoune; HERE
disasteriffic; HERE
sir; HERE
xcatrionax; HERE
ewanism; HERE
ohfreckle; HERE
masquerade_arts; HERE
crystalsc; HERE
framedinblood; HERE
iiokua; HERE
hexicons; HERE
daffepaf; HERE
iiokua; HERE
addicted_smiles; HERE
yuna_ki; HERE
twilight_dump; HERE
lifeisdolce; HERE
dusty_memories; HERE
77words; HERE
fedor_morkvo: HERE
haudvafra; HERE
graphic_sl; HERE
vol4itca; HERE
peak77; HERE

Brokeback Mountain screen caps credit to: fadedsouls
Supernatural caps credit to: marishna
Heroes caps credit to: Stipped Wall
Doctor Who caps credit to: 9th Doctor, 10th Doctor

Heroes Mood theme made by me with caps from

Icon tutorials provided by the wonderful people at: icon_tutorial & icontutorials

Tags: blends, graphics, icons, resources
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